Custodial and Bill Paying

Custodial Services

Individuals and organizations who manage their own assets may want to hire Coastline Trust in a custodial capacity. As your custodian we will:

  • Provide safekeeping of securities
  • Effect purchases and sales in accordance with customer instructions
  • Collect proceeds of any assets which are sold, redeemed or have matured.
  • Collect interest and dividends when payable on account holdings
  • Deposit, reinvest or distribute such proceeds and directed by the customer
  • Notify customer of receipt of notice by Coastline Trust of any call for redemption, tender offer, subscription rights, merger, consolidation, reorganization, or recapitalization or similar proceeding affecting securities held for customers account.
  • Annual tax reporting

Bill Pay Services

Nobody likes to pay bills but we all know it is a part of life. There may come a time, however, when you would prefer to have someone else pay the bills on your behalf. Coastline Trust Company has a long history of taking care of client bills so customers can better enjoy the other aspects of their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see if bill paying services might complement the money management services that we provide to help you meet your financial goals and objectives.