Trusts & Estates

Many are scared off by the term "trust". But such an estate planning vehicle is nothing more than a structure that helps the person setting it up, set aside some assets for their benefit or the benefit of others. The reason for setting up a trust in the first place is to manage assets if you are in good health, in the event you become incapacitated, or to facilitate the transfer of assets to others upon death so as to bypass or minimize the need to for probate.

We have a team of trust professionals with many years of experience administering trusts and settling estates. Where we really provide value is our attention to detail to make sure the entire process of estate management goes smoothly and optimizes what is passed on to the next generation.

Think About Now

  • Revise your will and estate plan to optimize tax advantages
  • Revise your will to address current tax codes
  • Effectively passing property to beneficiaries
  • Ensure privacy of your financial matters
  • Payment of household expenses

Long Term Goals

  • Provide for special care in case of incapacitation
  • Develop strategy to avoid costs and delays of probate
  • Develop a strategy for well-managed distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries

Long Term Goals (Continued)

  • Develop a gift giving strategy to reduce your estate taxes
  • Develop a plan to provide care for minor children
  • Provide for management for your business interest

Guardianship Services

Coastline Trust can serve as guardian for a minor child or incapacitated person. Our services include:

  • Professional portfolio management
  • Account administrator assigned to each account
  • Regular statements detailing all account activity
  • Annual tax reporting
  • Automated addition and/or withdrawal system
  • Bill paying services
  • Professional service with a personal touch

Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Services with Coastline Trust include the following:

  • Explain how estate planning benefits you and your family
  • Explore and determine goals and objectives
  • Detailed review of your current estate plan
  • Determined if current plan meets your goals and objectives
  • Recommend changes, if applicable, to improve your plan
  • Work closely with your financial advisers, or help you in choosing qualified legal and accounting specialists, to create your customized estate plan
  • Monitor changes in the tax and legal systems which affected your plan
  • Meet with you, or your family, on a regular basis to review your plan

Estate Administration

Coastline Trust provides estate administration services. We can assist you or your chosen representative by providing expertise in estate settlement as your agent, or we can act as Executor or Co-Executor and assure an efficient, thorough estate settlement process. We provide:

  • Knowledge of the probate process
  • Professional experienced in estate settlement
  • Full-time commitment to the process
  • Personal, unbiased attention for survivors
  • Access to related services including investment management and trust admininstration
  • Access to qualified professionals in the legal, accounting and appraisal fields