Coastline Trust Company focuses on your unique goals and objectives when it comes to your investments.

We use a long-term approach by identifying investment value, controlling risk and avoiding short-term emotions. Coastline Trust has a strict security selection criteria which has provided consistent performance for our investors.

How Coastline Trust Can Provide an Investment Solution for You

Our chart below illustrates how we can provide the right Investment Solution for you:

The Problem

Unclear Expectations

Short-Term Outlook

Unfocused Strategy

The Solution

Clearly Identify Objectives

Seek Long-Term Investment Values

The Result

Portfolio Reflects Specific Client Needs

Needs Balanced with Desired Returns and Comfort Level

The Coastline Trust Investment Process

Our investment process provides a solid financial strategy for our clients. Here is our step-by-step process for creating a strategy that works for you.

Establish Client’s Goals and Objectives


Identify Risk Level and Client’s Contraints


Build Portfolio Meeting Objectives


Minimize Taxes and Turnover


Monitor, Review and Rebalance

First, it is important that you identify your objectives when it comes to income generation, liquidity, inflation protection, capital preservation, and capital growth. Are you trying to grow your net worth to beat inflation or emphasize current income to meet current expenditures?

Your objectives are subject to a number of constraints including your risk tolerance, your tax situation, your time horizon etc. The more risk you are willing to take, the more growth potential you can seek. If your time horizon is very long, you may be able to afford to take more risk and have more in stocks and less in cash and bonds. Your objectives and constraints drive your overall asset allocation. Simply put, how much to allocate to cash, bonds, and stocks.

Next, you will want to consider such things as bond durations and stock sector weightings. Do you want to index or have tactical over or underweights with respect to the various benchmarks?

Only after these higher level decisions are made do you want to focus on with which stock, bond, fund to purchase. Periodically, your asset mix and portfolio need to be reviewed and rebalanced based on your then current goals and the outlook for the various capital markets.

Goals and Objectives


Asset Allocation


Portfolio Strategies


Portfolio Selection


Monitor and Review



Inflation Protection
Capital Preservation
Capital Growth

Risk Tolerance
Time Horizon
Legal Contraints
Unique Preferences


Sector Weighting
Maturity and Duration Structure

Specific Issues
Relative Value

Client Goals
Capital Markets